Why the Mazda 6 is still the best interior for the money

Mazda has released a new interior for its 2018 Mazda 6, which is designed to make the vehicle easier to live with and, crucially, it is still available in the UK.

The new car comes with a range of new features, including the ability to add up to four additional seats in the back.

The car also has a heated front air intake, which, in a car that is expected to go on sale in 2019, is an attractive feature.

The 6 is also now available in three new colours, with grey, white and gold.

The interior is currently available in grey, grey, blue and black.

The colour scheme is a combination of red and white, and is available in either the black, white or grey trim levels.

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New Mazda 6 exterior design The new interior is a departure from the exterior design of the previous model, with a more traditional Japanese style and a different design language.

There are two large rear air vents that open into the dashboard, as well as a large centre console.

There is also a new leather-wrapped steering wheel and a leather-clad dash, along with an electronic climate control.

The back seats are more comfortable than before, but the seat backs also include a new design feature that is more ergonomic than the standard setup.

A new interior can be a good thing if it is designed in a way that can suit your needs, and the new design language is one of the more important reasons to choose the new Mazda.

The cabin is still comfortable, with lots of space and plenty of room to move around.

It has been designed to be as spacious as possible, with the centre console, rear seats and a couple of infotainment screens all in a good position.

There’s also room for a DVD player, an air-conditioner and a charging dock.

Mazda says the new car offers a range in the £20,000 range, which means it is likely to be affordable in some markets.

The base model has a base price of £22,995, which includes all of the other standard features and a premium fuel-saving package.

The optional Premium package includes a three-row heated leather-trimmed steering wheel, heated rear seats, a new six-speaker audio system and a new audio system with sound bars and surround sound.

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