Which Toyota Hi-Lux hatchback comes with a full suite of goodies?

It’s hard to deny that the Q5 has some pretty impressive tech.

With an engine that powers a 1.6L turbocharged four-cylinder that’s rated at 270kW, the vehicle is capable of delivering an impressive top speed of 155km/h (93mph) and is said to be capable of a top speed rating of 240km/hr (186mph).

The car also has an eight-speed automatic gearbox with paddle shifters, a four-wheel-drive system and a power-assisted rear wing.

It is said that the vehicle can also be fitted with a six-speed manual transmission.

While this is a premium hatchback, the car does come with a range of standard equipment.

The cabin features a six door layout with two seats, a roof-mounted rear seat and a front-facing sunroof.

There are four USB ports and a DVD drive and it has Bluetooth connectivity.

The Hi-Lo is powered by a 1L turbo-charged four cylinder engine, delivering 270kw (171hp) and 270k/200kW (210hp) respectively.

This is enough power to get the car to top speed, and it can also top out at a top speeds of 150km/hour (93 mph) and a top rate of 240 km/hr or 182 mph (280 mph).

The Hi-Rux has an engine rated at 280kW and 280k/230kW respectively, and can also get up to 180km/ hour (112 mph).

The Hi Lo and the Hi-Roz both have a five-passenger capacity, with the Q-Rox having three seats and the Q being a four.

The Q5 is available with either a four door or five door configuration, with one of the doors being available in either a front or rear hatchback.

There is also a range with an eight door or ten door configuration.

The Q5’s base price of $56,850 (AU$65,900) is well in excess of the standard price of the model, with some exclusions.

It’s available with a base price in Australia of AU$55,550 (AU£44,900), with the additional $1,250 tax included in the price.

For the North American market, the base price is AU$63,050 (AU $81,100).

Toyota’s Q5 Premium hatchback has been designed to offer more for less.

It starts with a 5.8L twin-turbocharged fourcylinder engine that is rated at 275kW.

This engine delivers 270k W of power, with 280k W in the top gear and 290k W at 5,800rpm.

The car is also equipped with an automatic transmission, a paddle shifter, four-Wheel-Drive system and an electric power steering system.

This is a highly competitive price tag, and one that Toyota is going to have to work hard to sell to those wanting to buy the Hi Lo.

But if you want to get a good deal on a premium high-end hatchback it’s definitely worth considering.

Toyota Hi-Hi 5.4L twin turbocharged 4 cylinder engine with 275kw of power at 5500rpm, and 290 kw at 5800rpm for $56kAUD$65K$65M$65Toyota Q5 premium hatch with an 8-door rear and 10-door front configuration, and an eight person capacity.$65AUD$70K$70Toyota 7.2L twin turbosupercharged 4 engine rated 260kw at 6000rpm for an extra $1kAUD $60K$60Toyota 6.0L twin diesel engine rated 270kwh at 6000 and 6500rpm for another $1K$55K$50Toyota 4.8T dual turbocharged 3.5L engine rated 240kw @ 6500 rpm for an additional $2kAUD AU$60K£55Toyota 8.0T dual engine rated [email protected] for a $3,500 price drop.$60AUD$55$50