Which of the two most expensive houses in the world is the most expensive?

Buckingham Palace, Buckinghamshire, England.

$2.1 million.

The Buckingham Palace has been the property of King George V and Queen Elizabeth II for more than half a century.

The royal residence includes a private garden and gardens, as well as a private swimming pool, tennis courts and a gym.

It was built in 1851 and is owned by the British state, and is home to the Queen’s private residence.

Buckingham Palace is located in Buckinghamshire and is the official residence of the Queen and is part of Buckingham Palace.

It is also the main residence of Prince Charles and his family.

Buckingham palace, Buckingham and the Queen of England.

(Image: Fox Sports) $2.2 million. 

This home, built in 1929, has been used for the royals royal family since 1935.

It has been listed on the London Stock Exchange and has been worth £2.6 million since its construction.

It sits on the ground floor of a former warehouse and is currently being renovated to become the royal residence.

It had a total of 12 bedrooms, including a two-bedroom suite, as it was once used by Prince Harry, the Duke of Edinburgh, as he prepared for his wedding to Princess Diana. 

The mansion is owned and managed by the Queen herself, and has three levels: the Queen Mother’s and Queen’s bedrooms, a two bedroom suite, and a garden with a swimming pool. 

$3.5 million.

The palace’s largest private residence is the Royal Garden.

It boasts more than 600 acres of land, gardens, an infinity pool and other facilities.

It includes a tennis court, a golf course, a horse racing track, a swimming pond and a horse-drawn carriage.

The house was originally built as the Royal Palace and later the Royal Court House. 

It was the property of Prince Charles during his marriage to Princess Anne in 1952. 

In the late 1960s and early 1970s, it was the residence of Queen Elizabeth I and her husband, Prince Philip.

It also served as the Queen Anne’s private office and residence until it was demolished in 1984 to make way for a shopping mall. 

Image: Getty Images $4.1-5.5 m The property of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

It features five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a walk-in shower and a small balcony overlooking the river Thames. 

Its worth an estimated $4.7 million.

Image: AFP $5.7-6 million This is the largest home in the UK, with a grand total of 9,865 sq ft, including the Queen Elizabeth’s residence, the Buckingham Palace, the King’s private house and the Buckingham Garden.

The property is owned privately by the royal family. 

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