Which cars get a new cabin?

A new cabin on the 2018 Subaru Outback is a major upgrade for the vehicle, with a more spacious cabin with more armrests, a new instrument cluster and a more luxurious interior, according to the automaker.

The 2018 Outback comes with a new interior for the first time, featuring a full suite of equipment including an electric power steering system, an electric windshield wipers and a new navigation system.

It also features a new, high-tech, touchscreen system that can display the weather, temperature and battery status.

The system includes a virtual map and navigation and the new remote-controlled steering wheel that is available with the Outback, according the automakers.

The new cabin features a more expansive interior that includes an armrest, a more comfortable seating position and the ability to use an extra seat in the rear of the vehicle.

The Outback also gets a new heated steering wheel, and a leather-wrapped steering wheel with a “C”-shaped wheel emblem and a red color scheme.

It also gets an upgraded driver’s seat.

A new instrument panel with a virtual cockpit has been added.

It includes new navigation, a screen for charging, navigation settings, audio and music, and audio controls.

The interior also gets new materials, including new Alcantara and vinyl trim, as well as new stitching, new headrests and seat belts.