When you want a Tiny House Interior with No Upfront Costs

By the time you get there, you might be asking yourself: Where can I afford to put all this stuff?

That’s the question we’ll be looking at in our new feature, which will be coming to all our Tiny House Interiors for 2017 series.

The answer?

With no upfront cost.

Tiny House Home Editor Sam Smith and Design Director Mike Boggess will show you the inside of a new design from the makers of the Lincoln Corsair Tiny House.

For a quick overview, here’s the Lincoln brand in general, and Lincoln Cossair in particular.

The company started in 1999 with a small design studio that was quickly transformed into a high-end homebuilding firm.

By 2004, they started selling their first two models: the Lincoln Sedan and the Lincoln RV.

By 2010, the company was buying out its competitors and had a successful launch in the luxury market with the Lincoln Kia.

That same year, the Lincoln company released its own line of homebuilding products, including the Lincoln Cabriolet, the Lincolns Cabriolets and the Cossairs Cossars.

The Lincoln brand was so well-loved that in 2016, it was named one of the “100 Most Influential People in Home Design” by the magazine Modern Home.

For more, check out the interview.

Sam Smith is the editor of Tiny House Homes and Design, the lead editor of Design by Design, and the author of Designing for a Better Home.

Mike Biggess is a design designer, editor and editor-in-chief at Design by Review, and a design and home decorator in Southern California.

He also works for the Lincoln Corporation, a real estate and construction company.

You can follow them on Twitter and Instagram.