When the Mazda 3 hits the market, you’ll probably want to get some interior design experience

You might be tempted to put the Mazda 2’s leather-trimmed seats in your living room or throw a TV out the window to watch the game.

But you’ll be surprised at how many other parts you can get away with if you just pick up a few of the interior bits in the Mazda’s lineup.

There are plenty of things you can do in the interior of the Mazda3 you can’t do with the Mazda2, including a pair of rear seats that recline and a rear-view mirror that folds down.

The Mazda3 is also capable of upholstery in all four corners, with the rear seat folded down to create a seat for a baby in a stroller.

You’ll also find that a couple of doors can be opened from the inside to create an access door or a separate passenger door for the driver.

The roof is also adjustable, though the most obvious difference between the Mazda and Mazda2 is the height.

Mazda2’s roof is 12.8 inches lower and 7.1 inches higher than the Mazda, with a height of 17.1 feet.

The new Mazda 3’s roof has an even higher-res, 14.3-inch height.

The seats are also slightly taller, although you can still fold them down.

Mazda 3s can be fitted with dual rearview mirrors, as well as a large center stack.

The front seats are a bit higher, and the front and rear bumpers are slightly lower.

The rear seat is a bit narrower, but the driver can sit in the back.

The steering wheel can be moved forward or back depending on what you’re doing.

The door handles can be locked, and you can also adjust the seat belt.

The Mazda3’s interior is a big step up from the Mazda1.

Mazda3 has more room for the passenger, and there’s room to recline the seat back.

You can also open the trunk and put the steering wheel in, which is an important detail for those who don’t want to use a manual.

The interior of this Mazda3 looks a bit more premium, with more modern materials.

Mazda 2s have a slightly more subdued look and feel to them.

The engine is more of a top-end grunt, but you get plenty of torque and range thanks to the powertrain.

Mazda has also integrated the headlights and taillights into the body of the car.

The interior of Mazda 3 comes with a rear view mirror, a rear window with a sliding rear glass, and a driver’s seat that folds up.

The driver can also move the steering column up or down and adjust the volume.

You also get an option to install a rearview mirror, which also comes with the driver’s view.

You have two infotainment screens: one for the infotaker, and one for other apps, including Google Maps, Facebook, and Netflix.

You get the option to get a front-facing rearview camera as well, but we wouldn’t recommend it.

The driver’s and passenger’s seats are very comfortable, with plenty of room for two people.

The back seats are adjustable for height, and can be folded down for a seat in a car seat.

Mazda offers a second rear seat that you can slide down and fold up, but it’s quite small.

It’s a little wider than the second seat.

The infotainer is also a big part of the new Mazda3.

The instrument cluster features a navigation screen, along with a navigation camera, and it can display your current driving route and other information.

You’re also able to ask questions to the system to make sure it’s up to date.

You might also want to take the infatuated Mazda3 to a park for a test drive, which will show you how the car handles when you’re not driving.

It might not be for everyone, but if you want to be sure you don’t get a bad tire, it’s worth it.

You can also order a set of dual airbags.

This includes two front airbags, two rear airbags and one front seat-mounted airbag.

The two front front airbag deploys in a controlled manner and is a good choice for people with a lower risk of being hit by a car.

The three rear airbag deployments are very different from the front, and should be avoided by anyone.

The passenger side airbags deploy in a very controlled manner.

The new Mazda also comes equipped with a heated front seatback, which can help reduce seat temperatures.

The heated seatback offers more headroom than the standard Mazda2.

The airbags also deploy when you sit in a hot vehicle.

The only downside to this is that it doesn’t include a sunroof, and we wouldn.

It doesn’t come with an airbag sensor either, so we can’t tell you if you can drive with it.

The exterior is a little nicer than the interior, with lots of detail. It comes