What you need to know about Tesla’s ‘Lexus Interior’

Updated June 09, 2018 07:18:38 Tesla has released its first interior concept, dubbed the Lexus Interior.

The concept is called the “Lexus Sedan”, and is based on a concept for the first-generation Lexus SUV.

Tesla’s Lexus Sedans were based on the ‘Ville’ architecture, which is the same as the car’s current design.

Like its design, the Lexuses interior is very high-tech.

Inside the Lexuans cabin, the Tesla has added a retractable roof, as well as a new instrument cluster with a large touch-screen display.

While the Lexues interior looks very futuristic, the company is actually a bit more subtle than you might think.

Rather than the usual black leather and black fabric, the interior is made out of black plastic, as opposed to the usual white.

Instead of a flat roof, the design has a roof that rolls up like a large door, which lets the driver and passengers walk through it.

Unlike its predecessor, the roof can also retract, so the driver can open the doors to the rear for extra space.

There’s also a new digital dashboard with new technology, which the company says will give drivers better information about road conditions and road signs.

“This new technology is designed to be a driver’s assistant in the Lexis Sedans cabin,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk wrote in a blog post announcing the concept.

And, like the Lexians interior, the new concept has some futuristic features.

In the Lexos interior, there’s a small touchscreen that allows you to search for information and maps, and an electric car steering wheel that can be used as a compass.

Another feature that’s new in the concept is the electric steering wheel.

The company says that when the driver wants to use the wheel, it’s simply pushed up against the dashboard, which will bring up a map.

A new infotainment system, called Autopilot, is used for driving, and the company claims that Autopilots are more intelligent than humans.

With the new car, Tesla also added a new infograder, which gives drivers an overview of road conditions ahead, as it monitors their surroundings and gives them warnings when there are traffic delays or other problems.

For a driver that is already comfortable with driving the Model S, the concept looks to be an improvement.

The interior is sleek, sleek, futuristic.

It’s not the most stylish design, but it’s a step in the right direction.

[Image credit: Tesla] Tesla CEO Elon Sanders is known for his eye for detail.

He once explained that he was designing a Tesla car from scratch to show how much he liked it.

It’s clear that he’s getting better at his craft.

If Tesla’s interior is anything like its design and styling, the Model X is almost certain to follow suit.

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