Volvo XC90 interior paint can cost more than $3,000

Volkswagen’s XC 90 SUV has a lot going for it, but its interior paint costs can be as high as $3.5,000.

That’s according to a new report from The New York Times, which found that the XC’s interior paint cost a whopping $3 million.

And the price tag could vary based on the color, which could also affect how much it costs to get the interior paint job done.

The paint used to paint the exterior of the XCV90 is a durable, glossy black that is used to protect the car’s exterior paint.

But it is coated in a dark brown to create a gloss finish that is easier to remove.

The car is also equipped with a wide variety of exterior and interior accents.

The interior paint used for the XCS90 is an even darker brown that is more durable, which can be harder to remove, according to the report.

The exterior paint used on the XCA90 is darker, so the price of the interior would be higher, according the report, citing a study from

The study found that if the exterior paint costs more than the interior, the interior will cost more.

The Times report also revealed that the cost of the exterior interior paint is more than double the price for the interior.

The newspaper found that some people who own XCs are getting the interior painted at an even higher price than those who own a sedan.

For instance, the Times found that one person in New York paid an average of $5,935 for the exterior and $4,857 for the rear.

Another person in Connecticut paid $5.7 million for the top-of-the-line exterior paint and $5 million for both sides of the car.

In California, a top-tier XC owner with a four-door XC XLS gets the interior interior paint for $3-4 million.

But in states where the XCs aren’t sold directly to consumers, people who have bought XCs on the black market are paying upwards of $2,000 a pop for the paint.

That could mean the price is going up faster than the sticker price.