The world’s most expensive and longest-running farmhouse interior is a new creation

The world has never seen a barn like the one on a farmhouse in Wales.

A barn is a large building that houses a number of different animals including cows, sheep, horses, goats and pigs.

In fact, the barn is so large that it could be used to house a city, according to the Guinness World Records.

The world record holder for the longest-lasting barn is the former Ballycastle-based farmhouse on the outskirts of London, built in 1904.

Built on a hillside in the countryside of North Wales, the former farmhouse had been used as a workshop for the local textile industry, before it was sold to an architect.

A new home for the Ballychoo Barns in North Wales It was a beautiful and unique building, but it didn’t last long.

Around the turn of the century, the landowner who had owned the land in the area bought the property and the structure began to fall apart.

In the years that followed, the Bully Barns were left to decay and fall into disrepair, which was reflected in the world record.

Over the years, the building was sold off and the building’s interior was repainted.

But the barns original owner is still living there and he has been using the property for some time to rehabilitate his former sheep and goats.

This is a stunning and modern home, built from scratch for the family, the owners said.

Inside, the interior was built in a modern style.

The barn has been lovingly restored and a huge outdoor deck sits on the hillside, which is perfect for a picnic.

Inside the barn, the room is filled with an impressive array of beautiful barnwork and wood furniture.

The interior has been carefully planned to include all the essentials to a modern barn: a beautiful garden, a beautiful view of the valley, a kitchen, a dining room, a storage room and an extensive garden.

A view of what the old barn had looked like before it fell apart, before the owners purchased it in the 1990s.

A look at the old farmhouse’s interior.

Bully’s home has been restored and restored, but the barn itself is not quite as it used to be.

The roof is missing a few pieces and the walls are a little thin.

The exterior is all modern and the barnyard is now very much in use.

The new interior features a modernised kitchen with modern appliances, while a large and beautiful outdoor deck is the perfect place to take in the valley.

Inside a modern kitchen, the exterior has been repainted and the kitchen is filled to the brim with beautiful wood furniture and stunning views.

The living area is an impressive 14,000 square feet, which will definitely make a statement in your home.

The bedrooms are a bit barebones, but there are enough space for a family to relax and enjoy themselves.

The Bullys have also restored the old living area.

The original barn is gone, but many of the elements remain, such as the beautiful old barnwork.

The old barn was also a barn, so the original living area can be seen in the living room.

The home was originally built as a home for Bully and his family, and has been used to store the sheep and the goats since it was built.

Bumble Bee Farm, North Wales.

Source: Al JazeeraEnglish Bully was able to restore the barn to its former glory, thanks to the generosity of his local farmer and a great deal of hard work.

“I’m very fortunate to have a farm owner who loves the barn and I really want to help the Billy Barns,” said Bully.

“When I was young, I would go down there and play with the sheep.

Now, I’ve got all the equipment and everything I need to restore this barn and bring it back to life.”

The owners have also donated their land for a new farm house that will be built on top of the barn.

The land is part of the Blyth Green Estate and the land is owned by the Balychoo Estate.

The estate includes a number and locations of old farmhouses, including the Bleydagh, Bully barn and the Broughton farmhouse.

The owners hope to restore all of the original barns parts and to bring them back to a state of complete repair.

Bally Choo Barn.

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