Porsche Cayenne interior wood shutter opens

Porsche, the luxury brand best known for its sports cars and the 911 and the Porsche Cayennes, is expanding the interior wood doors of its newest vehicle.

The company said Monday that the new interior wood exterior doors will open in all models.

The company is also adding new wood door panels for the new Cayenne models and will offer an optional exterior wood panel for the 2018 model year.

The new exterior wood panels will be available in three different wood shades.

The new wood panels are available in four colors: gold, orange, blue and red.

The interior wood panels also have two different finishes: an open-topped white or a closed-topping silver.

The doors also will have a new design, which Porsche says offers “great comfort, a smooth finish, and an easy opening.”

Porsche said the new wood exterior panels will open “in all models” and the new Interior Wood Doors will be offered “in the coming years.”