Our Services

Personalized Interior Design Services

Our services include; space planning, designing custom furniture, bedding and window treatments, lighting design, accessorizing, artwork layout, custom florals, flooring, color selections, and contractor negotiations as needed for custom building or remodeling. 

Our goal is to always ensure you as our client have the best possible experience.

Home Consultation

We require that our first meeting be an in-home consultation. This entails us coming to your home, having a thorough in-depth conversation about your needs and desires. At this time we would be taking photos as well as needed measurements for any part of the project.

Hourly Design Rates, Deposits and Fees:

  • Rates are discussed during time of scheduling in-home consultation
  • Furniture, accessories or custom designed work will be 100% of the total invoice.
    • A client’s signature is required prior to any orders being placed
    • Custom orders are non-refundable
  • Fees such as freight, warehouse receiving and storage as well as delivery and setup will be invoiced back to the client