Lexus SUV: No room for a full-size bed in the wagon

The Lexus S, the first of the wagon family, is a big wagon with room to spare.

The SUV has a 3.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 365 horsepower, and a 5-speed automatic transmission with all-wheel drive.

The cabin is a mix of leather and vinyl, and the front seats are available with a reclining headrest.

The interior is clean, bright, and spacious.

There’s a rear view camera, a power seat, and an audio system that lets you listen to music while you drive.

You can order a custom interior package for the S for $20,000.

(We haven’t tested it yet.)

We’ve got the inside scoop.

Read moreInside the car, the interior is similar to a traditional wagon, but the S doesn’t get nearly the amount of space as the larger sedan.

Inside, the S is a lot larger than the Toyota RAV4 SUV, which has room to store three people.

The S is only a little larger than an SUV.

It’s just a little bigger, too.

That’s not a big deal, though.

The new Lexus is designed to be a great all-around SUV.

You’ll find room for about nine people, or roughly 3,200 pounds, in the S. The engine room and the cabin are both spacious, and we were able to comfortably fit a small child in the front seat.

The roof-mounted vanity is comfortable to sit in, and there’s a small headrest, and it’s easy to turn it all the way up.

The only real problem is that the driver’s seat is in the back.

There is a small, raised armrest that can be adjusted.

But it’s not comfortable, and when we tried it, it felt uncomfortable.

The driver’s headrest sits lower than the rest of the vehicle, and this was one of the biggest complaints we heard.

If you don’t need the driver to turn the headrest up or down, there’s no need for the armrest.

And the seats are big.

We found that the seats in the driver and passenger seats were slightly too small.

If the driver or passenger were taller, they’d likely find themselves with too much room.

But the headroom was plenty large for our two people, who were both 6’1″.

They’re also both about 6’2″.

We’re 5’10”, so the driver can comfortably fit us in the rear of the car.

The seats are also large enough for a child in front, but we had to make a few adjustments to the seat.

It was very difficult to get the seats on the driver, even though the driver could sit in the passenger seat with one hand.

The seat is too low for our children to stand up on.

There was no air cushion in the seats, and while they are very low, we had trouble getting them up and down.

There are a few small seams around the head rest, and some of the padding on the top of the head rests wasn’t thick enough.

The back seats aren’t as tall as we would like, and they’re not wide enough.

However, the rear seats are huge, and are very comfortable.

We loved the way the rear passenger seats fit our children.

They’re very wide, so they’re comfortable for them to sit.

We did have a little problem with the front driver’s side air vents, and had to adjust them.

They are very high, and could easily be bent.

But we managed to get them down to a comfortable height.

We’re also very happy with the quality of the steering wheel.

It feels very solid and the wheel is easy to control.

And it’s very well built, too: It’s made of solid aluminum.

The wheels are durable, and have excellent grip and grip-to-mass ratio.

The rear wheel is made of plastic and comes with a shock mount.

The steering wheel has a click that helps you know when it’s in neutral.

It works well, and is easy and intuitive to use.

The center console is very well laid out.

There aren’t any extra buttons or dials, so it’s hard to miss.

There isn’t much of a difference between the S and the RAV3.

There may be some slight differences in how the front passenger seat works compared to the driver seat, but that’s the same with all the other seats in this family.

The rear seats in our test car were surprisingly comfortable, too, although there were a few slight hiccups here and there.

We felt like we were sliding around the back of the S as we drove around.

The passenger side doors opened easily, but when we opened them, the seats were quite heavy.

It felt like a big weight was being carried around.

We had to push the seats back a little bit to make room for the car in the cargo area, but it wasn’t a major issue. The door