‘It’s a little bit like a cat’s dream’: How a cat got the title of best interior design

A cat’s tale of survival on a small boat has captivated a few design experts for years now, and this year, they were joined by some of the country’s most accomplished interior designers, including designer and interior designer Kim Sussman, who has worked for major clients such as Macy’s and J.


Sussman told ABC News she loves the cat’s story, but her first reaction was to be skeptical.

“You know, I was like, ‘Well, she must be the most adorable thing in the world, right?'” she said.

“But then I started thinking about the way cats are raised, the way they’re cared for, and I realized it’s a pretty big part of their experience as pets, too.

It’s a whole other world.

I was just blown away by it.”

In an effort to better understand how cats interact with each other, Sussmann was invited to spend a week with a pair of cats, both rescued from an animal shelter in Ohio.

“We wanted to make sure that the cats were happy and comfortable, and then we started to play around with them a little, and they were really happy and relaxed, and really relaxed,” Susswoman said.

“They didn’t have any anxiety about the cat and the house, they had no worries about it.

They were just loving every minute of it.”

But the biggest surprise was how well the cats responded to the cat furniture.

“I started to notice how they really enjoyed their time together,” Sussianman said.

The cat furniture was an inspiration for the designers, who went on to create their own custom cat furniture for their studio.

“They loved the furniture,” SUSSMAN said.

It’s not easy to get cat furniture into homes, but Sussmans’ experience has taught her a few things: “We can do this,” she said, “and we can do that, and it will work.”

Sussmans has a few cats already, and she’s been teaching other designers how to make furniture that is more cat friendly.

She said she’s noticed that cat furniture has an effect on the cats.

“I think the cat has an innate curiosity, but it’s also like a little part of the brain that goes along with being a cat, so the cat will like whatever you make it.

So you know, it’s very natural and they’ll go with it,” she told ABC.SUSMAN has also seen some of her cats make the transition from a “cat-like” to a “human-like.”

“They’ve become more human-like,” she explained.

“It’s like a bit of an adjustment.”

She said she thinks cat furniture is one of the things that will help the cat-owners transition to a cat-free life.

“It’s just something that’s been in the back of their minds all along,” SUSMAN said, adding that cat-centric furniture has become more popular in recent years.

“Now, it seems to be just part of everyday life.”ABC News’ Rachel Ewing contributed to this report.