Inside the interior of an Acura RX-7, from the front to the back

This is the interior design course that’s right up my alley, and it includes an in-depth look at how the Acura’s design team went about building the car’s interior from the inside.

The interior design program at Ford is unique in that it focuses specifically on the design of the interior.

While Ford has a wide range of interior options, the majority of its vehicles are built around the concept of the “box.”

This is where the front seats sit, with the steering wheel and pedals resting on the center console.

The center console has an active gauge cluster that sits in front of it.

The center console also features a touchscreen, with navigation controls, a center infotainment screen, and an instrument cluster.

Inside, the Acurias interior features a wide variety of features.

For starters, there are two rear-seat passenger backs (one of which is actually on the same floor as the driver).

The rear seatbacks are all metal and have removable headrests.

Acura has a range of different fabrics and materials available to the interior for different types of applications.

Also, Acura offers a variety of different materials to the center infotonainment screen and display.

There are also a number of seats that can be purchased separately.

In addition to the three seats in the front, there is also a third row of seats at the rear that are used by drivers in the rear seat.

A number of these seats are also designed to be removable for ease of cleaning.

 This section also includes a look at a number in the cabin, such as a glove box and a headrest, which can be removed for ease in the event of an emergency.

All of the seats can also be easily rearranged for different applications.

There are even a number on the dashboard, which allows for a full-width folding back seat.

The front seats are all wood and are adjustable.

This seat is available in three different configurations:Standard, Premium, and Sports.

Premium seats are more spacious and feature more legroom than standard seats.

They are also offered with a heated leather seating surface.

For the standard and Premium seats, the driver can select between a six-point harness system, which is designed to keep passengers warm, and a harness that uses the passenger’s legs as the base for the harness.

These two harness options are both adjustable.

The center infodetainment screen features a variety in color and pattern, including an LED head-up display.

There is also an ambient lighting system that lights up depending on what time of day the car is being driven.

The Acura rx-7 also features an LED infotonic display, which was designed to help drivers to keep a close eye on the road ahead.

Inside, the rx is fitted with a range with up to eight USB ports, two audio jacks, a pair of USB ports for external audio sources, and six USB ports to connect to your smartphone or tablet.

It is also equipped with an infrared sensor to detect vehicle motion and alert the driver.

The rx can also receive Bluetooth audio signals.