How to upgrade your Tesla interior shutter to look more like an SUV

We’ve all heard about the Tesla interior interior shuttering feature that allows you to keep your interior looking like a truck.

But is it really an improvement over a traditional SUV?

Is it actually more efficient?

Is the Tesla Interior shuttering really worth it?

Read more Tesla has just released the interior shuttered version of its Tesla Semi truck, which is the company’s smallest vehicle yet.

The interior shut down feature works by opening the front seats, sliding the lid of the door, and then locking the doors in place.

The Tesla Semi is equipped with two interior shut downs, one on each side of the front passenger seat, but the Tesla Semi only has one.

The shut down in the Tesla semi’s trunk is very similar to that of the Tesla sedan, but it’s far more efficient.

Tesla says the Tesla shut down saves about 40% of the energy that would normally be required to open the front door, but as you can see in the video above, it doesn’t actually save any energy.

Tesla says the efficiency of its interior shutdown system was calculated at about a 20% efficiency.

The efficiency is not a very good number because the shut down is just a simple motion of the lid opening, locking the door in place, and closing the lid again.

That is all it takes to open and close the front doors.

Tesla’s Tesla Semi also has a roof rack for storing other equipment, such as luggage, that the truck is not equipped with.

But as the Tesla website notes, the Tesla roof rack “can be folded out of the cab to reduce the weight of the vehicle.”

That’s where the efficiency comes in.

If you fold the Tesla cabin roof rack out, the efficiency is reduced even more, as the solar panels inside the cab are not included.

Tesla has not said how much energy this efficiency saving can save.

But Tesla says that “the reduction in the number of energy consuming elements from a vehicle can be achieved through a combination of reducing the amount of interior energy consumption by folding the cabin roof racks, by reducing the number and type of interior interior energy consuming appliances, and by decreasing the number, type, and size of exterior panels.”

In order to make it more efficient, Tesla also added an additional solar panel on top of the roof rack, as well as a small battery pack that will charge the solar panel.

The battery pack is not an integral part of the interior cabin shut down system, but Tesla says it’s useful for “when the solar energy is not available in the solar array.”

The efficiency is also not perfect.

There are some seats that can’t be folded up and some seats with the lid closed that can still be folded down.

However, Tesla says you can fold them up to reduce energy consumption even more.

Tesla did not provide any specific numbers, but one analyst estimates that the efficiency will be around 20% if the Tesla doors are folded up.

That’s still very impressive considering the Tesla door shutters are actually quite thin.

Tesla expects the Tesla vehicle to hit the streets in 2021, and it will be a very big step forward in the company.

As we mentioned above, Tesla’s truck is the largest truck yet and it could be the company to hit that milestone.