How to replace a broken windshield with a diamond shaped one

NEW YORK — Volvo’s redesigned XC60, the brand’s most stylish car yet, has been hit with an all-new safety recall.

Volvo has replaced the car’s original windshield wiper blades with a new design that’s diamond-shaped.

The new wiper blade features a diamond-cut out shape.

Volkswagen’s CEO Dieter Zetsche said the company is taking the precaution because of a defective manufacturing process.

Volksporting, a Swedish carmaker, is responsible for the recall and said it will pay for the replacement of the wiper and brake pads.

Volumesports said it’s now working with Volvo to determine the defect.

We have taken all necessary measures to prevent this from occurring and have informed Volkswagen of the situation.

The recall is due to the failure of the original wiper rotor blades.

It’s not known if the replacement wiper will have to be repaired.

Volvesporting says the new rotor blades are stronger and safer than the older ones.

More than 500,000 Volksport XC 60s have been sold worldwide.

Volunteers have helped install the new wipers and brake pad, and the recall has been rolled out nationwide.

Volvols spokeswoman said the wipers are still being tested to make sure they’re safe for drivers.

Volvos owners should call 1-800-634-8477 for more information.