How to keep your Lexus car looking like it was built for a spy thriller, according to the guy who designed it

A year ago, a new car that was once the envy of the luxury-vehicle world became the envy for those who were just looking to get in and out of their car.

The $140,000 Lexus RX500 was designed to be a spy vehicle that could be used in espionage and spy thrillers.

But this was just the start of a long, complex project that involved a lot of hard work and lots of time.

It was dubbed the Lexus R-Spec.

It was designed by Lexus Group’s design studio and built by Lexis Engineering in Los Angeles, a company that specializes in building spy vehicles and spy cars.

But after years of development, it’s time to give it a good ol’ go.

Lexus is making a huge splash at CES in Las Vegas this week.

We caught up with Lexus CEO Jens Marquardt to get his take on the RX500.

You are a big fan of the spy genre, right?

So I have to ask you, did you have any idea of what the RX-Spec was going to be like?

I mean, the R-spec was designed in Los, California, so they probably had a prototype.

They had a lot to work with.

And that’s not to say that it wasn’t a fantastic vehicle.

It’s not the most technologically advanced spy vehicle.

We have spy cars that have been designed for a whole host of purposes.

But the RX, for one, is a car designed to spy.

It has an incredibly high performance engine, and it has an all-new architecture that puts a lot more power into the wheels, and that gives the car that extra boost of agility.

I think it is very much about how to do that.

Lexis engineers were very conscious of the fact that it is a spy car, and they thought, “Why not do it?”

The RX was born.

But was it really a spy?

It was a car built by a Japanese company called Lexus, a Japanese design studio, and an engineering firm called Lexis, Inc. The Lexus name was chosen because that’s what they do.

They make sports cars, so we thought, Why not have a sports car that is super sexy and super fast?

It’s a car that looks good and feels good, and is very sexy.

And I think that’s the way to go.

I have a lot in common with the people at Lexus who designed the RX 500.

There are certain things about them that I really admire.

One of them is their ability to bring together the best parts from different brands, and the way they managed to combine those parts into something really special.

There’s the engine, which is made in Japan.

There is the engine and transmission that was made in South Korea.

There was a suspension system made in Europe.

There were other components that were built in Germany, the UK, and Italy, and all the different parts of the car were built and tested by Lexes engineers in L.A. Lexes is very proud of the work that goes into the RX and the engineering team is very good.

I’ve known them for a long time.

Lexuses engineering team has been working with Lexuses designers, engineers, and technicians for many years.

And they have a very close relationship with their design team.

They’re very good at their job.

Lexus had to create a lot for the RX.

It had to add a lot and then integrate all those parts, but I think the most important thing for me is that it’s the same car that Lexus built to spy, but it’s really designed for this specific application.

Lexos engineers were looking for a car with a very long range, and this was what they wanted to build.

The design team took that long, long look at the RX before they designed it.

What I really liked about the RX is that the design team could put together these long pieces and build them to fit together so that they would all fit together.

Lexys engineers worked with us to make sure that all the parts of this car were the right shape.

It wasn’t just a straight line, it was a straight edge.

And there are also all the details that I was able to work out that I wasn’t able to get with my design.

So it was really great.

I don’t think the RX has much in common in terms of design.

There weren’t any big things like the suspension, the brakes, or the bodywork.

I mean there are the big bits that you might think of as design.

It just doesn’t really feel like a Lexus design.

You don’t really see the design as it’s built.

I also think it’s different in that there is a lot going on behind the scenes.

Lex and Lexus are very close, but the design process is a little different.

Lexuses engineers have been working on the