How to fix the Honda Accord interior, barn doors

A year after it was first introduced, the Honda Accords interior is still not perfect.

But now Honda is finally offering some fixes that will make it better for owners.

Article Continued Below The interior of the Accord is not perfect but the interior of its exterior is much better, according to Honda’s president and chief operating officer, Jim Lentz.

Honda said this week it is offering three new products, all of which are meant to improve the way that people feel about the Accord.

First up is the interior, which has been redesigned to be more appealing to the new owners.

It will now feature a darker gray trim.

The door panels will be darker, as well.

The Accord interior is now a much more attractive option, Lentz said, adding that the darker gray is intended to make it easier to read the text on the dash.

The hood has also been made lighter to make room for the new seats, which are smaller than before.

The new seats are more comfortable than before, too.

The Accord’s rear seats now have “comfort cushion” inserts, which Lentz says help reduce the amount of weight that you put on your feet.

The front seats will also now be more comfortable, but they will be a little longer, and there will be more back room in the front.

“We’re going to make the seats more comfortable for our drivers,” Lentz told reporters.

The interior is also now quieter and quieter in the new Accord.

The rear seat is now quieter, and the seats have a more “squeaky” sound than they did before.

All three of these new interior improvements are part of the company’s strategy to make better, more attractive products for owners, said Lentz, who also is the vice president of engineering.

“They’re going after a new generation of owners,” Lentosaid.

“They want to make sure they’re happy with their new Accord.”

Honda is making these changes to the Accord as part of its plan to improve its overall image.

The company is also offering a new model, the Accord S, which will offer a better interior and exterior.

Hondas new Accord S sedan will be available in the U.S. and Canada later this year, while the new S sedan in Europe will be coming out in October.

Hood will also be lighter, and will be the same size as the Accord’s current model.

The new hoods will also have a smaller size.

Hesss new Honda Accord will be arriving later this fall.