How to find the best interior designer

You’ve got to get out there and get to know your interior designer.

They’re like family.

Get to know the way they work, the places they go, the people they hang out with.

Read on for the top interior designers.


Peter Auerbach, designer at Zaha Hadid Architects and a friend of mine, says he knows his interior designer’s work well.

“I know her from her first day on the job and from her last day.

She’s like, ‘Wow, what a job.

How can you do this?’

I think you need to be a bit of a perfectionist, because she can do so many different things,” he says.

“It’s not just the way she works.

It’s how she lives her life.

I’ve been lucky to know some of the great designers that are doing really great things.

I love the way that they live their lives, the way their work looks and everything.

You need to make sure you’re doing it right.”


Zaha said it takes time and patience to build a good interior, but she knows when she’s found it, it’s a masterpiece.

“Once you do your first interior, you can’t stop there,” she says.

“[But] you’ve got two years to build it up to where it’s not perfect but you know it’s something special.”


I asked Zaha if there was one piece of advice she would give anyone who wants to start designing a home, and she replied, “Just do it.”

The designer says you need a strong sense of vision and a desire to “make a difference.” “


“What are they really trying to accomplish? “

There’s so many people who feel like they’re doing the best they can and are really focused on what they’re putting out in their designs, and they don’t take a holistic view,” she explains.

“What are they really trying to accomplish?

They don’t look at it as a whole, they don.

They want it to look like it’s just their idea.

It really doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad.”


Zila Todro, a longtime home designer and one-time fashion designer, says her interior design is “all about connecting the pieces that are already there, the ones that are missing.”

“I’ve been fortunate to work with some of great designers, so I feel like my approach is similar,” she said.

“When I go into a home I have an idea of what it’s about.

I want it all to feel like a home.

If I can connect those pieces together, then I feel confident in what I’m doing.”


Zaila says she “loves” the idea of working with people from all walks of life, and it’s her hope that by building on the work she’s done, others will be inspired to do the same.

“You need to understand who you are as a designer and you need some idea of who your audience is, because if you can get people to like you, then you have a better chance of doing well.”


“A lot of people will come in and ask if they can have my home,” says Zaila.

“They’ll be like, well, why are you here?

It’s not really my place.

You’re here for the people who have given you that opportunity.”


Zalla says her inspiration comes from a “sense of what people want” and the fact that “you’ve got a really, really good chance of not only living your life, but living a good life.”


Zora is a former model who now runs her own fashion brand.

She also says that “every single time I walk into a room and someone says, ‘I want to design a home,’ it’s always, ‘Yes, I know.

I work with you.'”

“That’s so inspiring,” she adds.

“The truth is, the person that comes into my office has given me a great opportunity to make something that they want.”


Zona says her home is “always in the background, but is very, very visible.”

“It has to be the center,” she notes.

“Every time I have a new client, I tell them to go in and I have to see what’s going on.

But it’s the center.”


“My work is about being aware of what is important and what is not,” she writes.

“So when I am going to design something for a client, if they don-know what it is I need to know, then that’s where I’m going to start my design process.”


Zala is a fashion designer and model.

She says she was initially inspired by fashion designer Alexander McQueen, who “was so open about his passion for interior design.”

She says her passion for design comes from an early age, when