How to find and fix interior wood windows

A wood-framed window is no longer a “safer” option for a lot of homeowners, but there are many ways to fix them.

Here are some tips to help you find and repair a wood-frame window.


Look around the house for evidence of mold and mildew 2.

Check to see if a window is leaking or cracking 3.

Check the hinges and frame 4.

Check for cracks or a broken or missing frame 5.

Check any other damage to the frame 6.

Make sure the wood is free of chips or loose threads 7.

Check if the wood frame is working properly and whether there is any moisture damage 8.

Check your wiring for loose connections 9.

Check that the electrical wiring is tight and doesn’t rub against other furniture 10.

Make a note of any scratches or marks on the wood that may indicate damage to your wood frame or wall, as well as any scratches on the wall or ceiling 11.

Check inside the window for signs of any moisture problems, like mildew or mold 12.

If you see mold, cut it off and replace it. 13.

If the window is still cracked, replace it with a new one 14.

If your window still doesn’t work, check the exterior for damage and other problems.


Check how the window will affect your neighbors’ views of your home and the view of the neighborhood.


Look for any cracks in the wood or any cracks or signs of damage to any of the hinges or frames 17.

Make the most of the time you have with your new wood-and-glass windows 18.

Consider taking the windows up for a good cleaning, if you can, or you may be able to buy a new set of windows.


Use a hand-held vacuum cleaner to vacuum out the air and debris, and inspect the wood and the walls for any signs of moisture or cracks 20.

Replace the window if the glass is damaged.


If all else fails, call a licensed repairman or a home inspector.