How to Clean the Interior of Your Bimmer

It’s been a decade since the original Bimmer was released, and the next generation of the car will be a big step up from the original.

We spoke with Bimmer owner and Bimmer enthusiast Mark Bamber about the differences in the new Bimmer, how it differs from its predecessor, and whether the new model will be worth the $71,500 you’ll have to shell out.1.

Bimmer looks very different to its predecessor.

Mark Bamber/VICE NewsBimmer was a little more refined than the previous generation, thanks to the more refined, modern styling.

The new Bimmers exterior is a lot more spacious and refined than its predecessor and feels like a much more refined interior.

It has more chrome than the original, and a larger front fascia, but the styling has been kept relatively simple.

The only other major difference is the rear fascia.

It is now much more like a rear-view mirror.

The interior has been simplified too, and you will notice a few changes to the steering wheel and seat.

The new steering wheel is slightly larger than the one on the original and is more ergonomically designed.

Bimmer has also added a few smaller touches.

It now comes in a variety of trim levels, including the standard Bimmer 2, which starts at $72,000.

Bimmers Premium package is available for $80,000 and includes a 3.0-liter four-cylinder engine, Bluetooth connectivity, a six-speaker stereo, and upgraded leather and Alcantara.