How to build the perfect home in the next two decades

A new generation of home designers are trying to take the design revolution from the realm of the digital era and turn it into a way of life.

The most visible is Aptura, the San Francisco-based company founded in 2017 by two architects and a software developer, and its founder, Eric Burt, who is also the cofounder of the New York City-based startup home-design-to-work platform TheHome, a division of the Burt Group.

Burt says he wanted to bring design from the digital realm to the home.

He says it’s a way to reimagine what it means to design and to live.

The home of the future “We want to bring the design world to the living world,” he says.

“We think it’s important for the people who are living in homes to be able to create the living environment.”

What Apturas design approach does include: A minimalist design philosophy, which encourages simplicity, clean lines and simplicity in form.

The house is made of three levels, each of which has a different purpose, says Burt.

It starts with the kitchen, which is the largest area, with a central open space that’s designed with open spaces, storage and open plan living.

The second level, which includes the bathroom and the kitchen and includes a bedroom and living area, has an open plan kitchen and dining area, but also an open floor plan living area.

And then the third level is the living area and kitchen, with open plan bedrooms and dining areas and a master bedroom.

Apturas home, designed by Aptumar Architecture.

A lot of this comes from what he calls the ‘big four’ of home design: the fireplace, the kitchen counter, the bathtub and the living room.

A fireplace, which also serves as a focal point, is a centerpiece for the house.

The kitchen counter is the kitchen’s most visible element.

There are two versions of the kitchen.

The one with the wood and stainless steel countertops, which are meant to make the kitchen feel like it is on fire, is called the “big four.”

And then there’s the one without, where the stainless steel counters and wood floors are all decorative elements, and the counters are placed in an open space so that the natural light shines through them.

There’s also a small dining room that has the dining area on the left side of the house, while the other side has a smaller kitchen and living room, which has the fireplace on the right.

Birt and his wife, Rachel, have built a house in New York that has a large, open plan dining area.

But they also designed the living space.

“It was not intended to be the biggest house,” says Rachel.

“In fact, it’s more about a house of small details than a large house.”

What it comes down to, says Rachel, is that Apturus design philosophy is to do what it takes to build a home.

“That means you don’t have to be a genius to build something,” she says.

It’s also about the design’s simplicity.

“The house is about the smallest possible pieces of architecture,” she adds.

“You have to think of it as an everyday thing that you want to be part of.”

Apturonas design philosophy can also be applied to other types of home architecture, says Joshua Buechner, a designer who has worked with both Aptumeras and TheHome.

“I’m sure there are people out there who are working with the Aptureas design philosophies who are really interested in doing more modern design, and I think that is very important,” says Buecher.

“But what’s interesting about the Apertura approach is that it is also really aspirational.

It is aspirational and aspirational in a way that really makes you want it.

It makes you think about how the design is going to be going to change our world.”

The house that Aperturas is working on in San Francisco.

The Apturia house was designed by Burt and Rachel Burt with an architectural team of four.

Bt has also built a home in Portland, Oregon.

A large open plan, wood stove with a built-in fridge and microwave.

The living room is open plan with open floorplan dining and living areas, and also a kitchen counter.

There is a fireplace that is also a focal element of the home and serves as the focal point for the home design.

A small, open-plan dining area that has an outdoor terrace.

A bathroom with an integrated shower and sink.

And a small, built-out living room that includes a dining area and a kitchen.

How to design a home: The Aperturia home in San Jose, California.

How the house looks inside The house looks a lot like the Afturas design.

It has an all-wood kitchen countertop and stainless-steel kitchen countertops. It also