How the luxury brand’s Luxury line was born

The luxury brand was founded in 1959, but its roots lie in the West African country of Mali, which has long had a long tradition of producing high-end designer products.

Its founder, Michael Kayser, was born in France in 1943, and the company’s first flagship store opened in 1967 in a Paris suburb known as Les Pins de la Concorde.

Kaysers wife, Jean-Marie, founded the brand’s French headquarters in 1973.

Kollses name is synonymous with luxury, but it was not the first luxury brand in Africa.

The world’s largest fashion retailer, JCPenney, opened a store in Ghana in 1997.

Its name is an homage to Kolls’ French ancestors.

“I think the name is very French,” Kays said of the brand.

“It was a good name.

It was something that had a certain history and that I was very proud of.”

Kays’s company was the first African-owned luxury retailer in the U.S. in 1994.

The company’s sales jumped dramatically, reaching $20 billion in 2012.

“There are some very, very wealthy people in Africa, who are really quite wealthy,” said Kays.

“The majority of African-Americans live in poverty, and we are very fortunate to be able to help them.

We’re trying to do that for them.

I feel very lucky to have that opportunity.”

Today, the luxury company owns a network of stores in over 100 countries, including its flagship store in the United States.

The brand is currently expanding its operations in Africa to expand its reach.

“We want to make it a success in the future,” said David Kays, Michael’s son.

“To get the right brands, we need to get them there, and that’s why we’re doing a lot of Africa-based operations.”

Kolls has also launched a new brand in Ghana, a luxury jewelry brand called Muhimba, based on the African word for gold.

“This brand is based on our roots, our heritage,” said Michael Kolls.

“And we are doing our best to preserve and expand it to the rest of Africa.”

Kolls’ efforts have included partnering with companies such as JCPensney, which makes a line of luxury watches, and Muhimi, a high-tech jewelry company.

The partnership has been praised by consumers, and JCPinsney is working with the company to promote the brand in African markets.

“Our focus is on Africa as the best opportunity to sell our brands, so we’re going to be very aggressive in Africa,” said Chris Kolls, the company president.

“African companies are really going to thrive because of the success of Michael’s brand.”