Ford Flex Interior Car Wash

A Ford Flex interior car wash has been launched on eBay, which the seller says is a “very good” product and “excellent value”.

The car wash features a custom interior designed by Ford for the model, and is available for pre-order now for $5,500.

The seller says that Ford’s Flex Interior was originally conceived for the Ford Explorer, but that it was soon scrapped due to poor sales.

The interior has a “unique design”, and is “one of the few interior touches that have survived the Ford era”, and will be available with or without the standard front seats.

The vehicle also comes with a removable top, which is a feature that has been standard on some of Ford’s new cars.

There are also two exterior trim levels, with an option for a “luxury” interior, which includes a leather-wrapped steering wheel and pedals.

The car is listed for $17,400 and is scheduled to be delivered in late September or early October.