Ford Edge Interior Paint Replacement: More than $50K

Ford has announced that it will be replacing about $50,000 worth of interior paint with Ford Edge paint.

The paint replacement program, which began in July, will cover nearly 100,000 vehicles and cover the Ford Edge with paint from the new Ford Edge range.

Ford has not yet provided a price tag for the paint replacement.

The company’s CEO, Bill Ford, told the Reuters news agency that the company would not be able to announce a timeline for the replacement.

“There are no specific timelines for when the program will end,” he said.

Ford said it would replace the paint at the Ford-owned plant in Ford City, Michigan.

Ford Edge is a hybrid of traditional and electric vehicles.

Ford says the new Edge will be more fuel efficient, with a range of more than 200 miles, and will have a lower fuel economy rating of less than 35mpg.

The automaker is also replacing some of its other vehicles, including the F-150 pickup, the Expedition SUV and the Escape SUV.

The new Edge is expected to go on sale in 2020.