‘Dont know if I’m gonna take it on’: Owner of Kia  sues over ‘disgusting’ interior

A carmaker is suing the owner of a brand new  new Kia sedan for alleged “disgusted” interior.

The lawsuit filed by the Kia owner in California says the car is “in the process of being cleaned up” after the “disgraceful” interior was discovered.

“The interior is filthy, the carpet is torn off, the seat covers are ripped off and there is a dirty cigarette butt protruding from the driver’s seat,” the suit said.

In the suit, Kia says the “fecal matter” was found in the driver seat and “the seat is stained and stained with feces”.

“It is extremely disappointing to have found this disgusting and disgusting vehicle in our possession and have the experience of being called upon to remove it,” Kia said in a statement.

Kia is one of a number of luxury carmakers to have recalled its luxury cars over a series of incidents involving alleged “sickening” and “disrespectful” cabin areas.

This year saw the introduction of the Kias luxury vehicles in the United States.

It follows a series that saw Volkswagen recall some models in the US over alleged “loud” noise, which it said was caused by faulty air conditioning.

Other manufacturers have also reported issues with the quality of the interior, including Porsche, which recalled some models over the car’s “disorderly” noise.

A Kia spokesperson said: “We have taken the safety and quality of our vehicles very seriously.

Our owners and employees have made every effort to correct the situation, and have been proactive in contacting customers and reporting any issues to our manufacturer.

We are working with the owners of this car to learn more about the incident.”

The carmaker said it had been in touch with the owner and the carmaker had contacted the owner’s legal team to provide “appropriate assistance”.

The owner has said he intends to sue Kia, saying he will be taking legal action to get it back.