Colts unveil new home uniforms

The Colts will unveil a new home uniform next week, and it will likely include a couple of unexpected alterations.

The team will unveil two new home jerseys that are not just a redesign of the old uniforms but also a bit of an alternative.

The jerseys will feature two new angles for the interior of the home, with the sleeves coming up at the waist and the collar coming down at the elbow.

This means that the sleeves are now angled in a manner similar to the new alternate uniform, where the sleeve line is horizontal and the sleeve curve is vertical.

This new design allows the team to have a jersey that is both a uniform and an alternative, and while it’s not exactly an aesthetically pleasing design, it is a step in the right direction for the franchise.

The sleeve lines on the old jerseys were also angled, which meant that the jerseys would look a little bit less modern.

It’s also worth noting that the new jerseys will not feature the “orange” stripe that the team has used for many years now.

Instead, they’ll have an orange collar, and will feature a blue “O” stripe instead of the orange.

The team also said it will be able to add an alternate sleeve angle.

The two jerseys will also feature a new collar angle for the sleeves, which will feature three stripes that are horizontal instead of vertical.

These stripes are intended to give the sleeves more of a “modern look” and are also meant to make the jersey feel a little more “modern” than previous home uniforms.

These changes will likely not be noticeable for many fans, but if you’re a fan of the team’s current home uniforms and you’re looking for an alternate uniform to wear, the new uniforms could be a good option.

You’ll get the benefits of an alternate jersey without the weird sleeve angle, and the colors of the new jersey are definitely going to look great with your current uniform.

The new uniforms will be unveiled on Sept. 10, which is the same day as the Colts’ home opener against the Cleveland Browns.

The Colts currently have two home games left in the season.