Chevy’s ‘G wagon’ interior to receive ‘G’ edition

The GM’s new 2018 SUV is set to go on sale later this month, and the G wagon has been revealed by the brand as the first vehicle to receive a ‘G’.

It is a big upgrade on the existing version, which is currently priced at £35,400.

Chevy says the new SUV will have an ‘all-new interior’ and offers a ‘premium’ package for the premium buyers.

It is expected to feature the same interior as the current G wagon, but with the addition of an ‘extra’ interior that will allow for a ‘multi-media’ experience.

The ‘G premium’ option will allow the owner to customize the interior to their own taste.

It will be offered in two variants:The G premium cabin is a luxurious and spacious option that will cost around £30,000 and comes with an extra seat and luggage compartment, plus a separate front luggage compartment.

The cabin is also fitted with a ‘gauge system’ that allows you to adjust the temperature of the seats, making it comfortable to sit.

There is a separate entertainment center that allows the owner access to the infotainment system, and an active driver monitoring system that allows a full range of safety features.

Chevrolet says that the ‘G cabin’ option comes with a number of new features, including an eight-speaker audio system with eight speakers, six USB ports, an iPod docking port, a rearview camera and a ‘digital navigation’ system that can ‘communicate’ with a smartwatch.

The car also comes with ‘an enhanced interior, with a more comfortable and spacious cabin.’GM is expected at this year’s Geneva Motor Show to unveil the G 2019 SUV, the brand’s new flagship model, which will cost more than £40,000.

It was originally expected to be unveiled in 2019, but this will mark the first time that a new SUV has been officially unveiled at the show.

The 2019 model is expected in the UK in November.