Campervan owner wants to ‘change the mindset’ about buying a new vehicle

When it comes to buying a car, most people are focused on the price tag and the features of the car, but that’s not necessarily the case when it comes time to upgrade, according to the owner of a camper van. 

Car and Driver has learned from the owner that while buying a vehicle can be an expensive endeavor, it’s worth the investment. 

“It’s not just about the money, but it’s also about the change you’re making in the person you’re going to be with,” said Joe, who lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

Joe, who’s in his early 30s, said the camper has helped him to relax and be more outgoing. 

He said that while most people will be spending money on a new car, he’s changed his life.

“I think if I had a little more money, I would have spent more on that car and I wouldn’t have been living so crappy, I wouldn`t be doing so many things like I’m doing right now,” he said.

“So I guess it was the campovetter that really helped me and it really helped my life.”

While he still owns a used vehicle, Joe is not planning to buy a new one anytime soon. 

Instead, he plans to give his camper a facelift.

“It will be a big thing,” Joe said. 

This isn’t the first time Joe has bought a new camper. 

In February, he bought a van from Craigslist and immediately decided to get a new van.

“This van is going to really help me out with everything from my house, to my health and so forth,” Joe told Caranders. 

The camper also has its advantages.

Joe said that because it’s small, it won’t have as many issues as a bigger vehicle, which will also help with the price. 

While he doesn’t currently own a van, he said that he plans on using it for a number of trips and would be open to moving into a van once his lease expires in a few years.