BMW X6 interior angles: The interior of a modern BMW

BMW has revealed its first interior angle of a new X6 sedan.

This new angle is based on the shape of the bodywork on the X5 sedan.

The angle is the first of its kind for the BMW X5, which debuted in late 2015.

The X6, on the other hand, was unveiled in April 2017.

BMW has shown a number of angles for the X6 at the Geneva Motor Show, including a more aggressive front end, a more modernized interior and more aggressive styling than its predecessors.

It also introduced a new interior color, a dark gray, that was used on the all-new X5.

BMW’s first interior angles are a nod to the X4 sedan.

There are four interior angles in the X2 and the X3, each based on a different element of the exterior.

These angles were designed to bring the car closer to its original design.

The new angles are: front center pillar and pillar bracing, front center grille, rear center grill, side panel door handle, side panels door handle and a new grille.

BMW will reveal more interior angles for its new X5 model later this month.

The interior angles were revealed at the BMW Midsummer 2018 Technology Conference in Munich, where BMW showed a number that would be familiar to car buyers, including the front seats, center console, instrument panel, headliner, instrument cluster and headlamp, among other features.