BMW 7 Series: The most beautiful interior in a car

The interior of the 7 Series is the best in a new BMW, according to the magazine Car and Driver.

The interior of a 7 Series starts at $2.3 million, while the 9 Series starts from $2 million.

The 7 Series interior is the most beautiful in a BMW, with a “slightly more luxurious interior than the 9 series” and “a luxurious sound system that can also be appreciated on the road”.

It’s the same system as the one on the M5, but the 7 series has a lower price tag, the magazine claims.

The BMW 7 series interior is described as a “modern, spacious and refined cabin”, but there’s also a “lightweight, but powerful engine” that helps it reach the top of the line.

The M5 has a much more spacious interior, with the 9-Series starting at $1.9 million and the M3 starting at nearly $1 million.

“This new 7 Series comes with the same interior that is on the BMW M3 and M5,” the magazine said.

“But instead of a slightly more luxurious cabin, the cabin of the BMW 7-Series comes with a slightly less luxurious interior, which means you can feel like you are in a luxurious, modern and luxurious interior with the 7-series cabin.”

The BMW M7 is one of the most luxurious cars ever built, and the BMW carmaker has a very large range.

The range for the 7Series is limited to the US, but there are plans for more countries to be added.

The new 7- Series is also available in the UK, Australia and Canada.