A new, new design to be put in place in the future of the old building

The old building in front of the University of Victoria is getting a facelift and a brand new exterior designed by architect Michael Pare.

The building is being demolished, and the new building is coming soon.

The former building has been in the works for some time.

It had been home to a department store, a department, a health clinic and a student centre.

But now, as part of the university’s $2 billion renovation of the building, the building will become a university campus.

“This building has always been part of this university, so it’s important that this structure be preserved and the university has done everything it can to make sure that it stays in the university,” said Dr. Richard Schubert, the university vice-president for community development.

The exterior will be finished by the end of 2019, and will be put up for bids at a later date.

Pare said the building is a great example of how a new design can be created and preserved in a building that is already in such disrepair.

“It’s really beautiful,” he said.

“When we’re in our offices and we see this old building and we’re going through it, it’s such a beautiful reminder that we’re not alone.”

We are part of a university, and so it really is important to be proud of what we’re doing and to show our gratitude to the community.””

I think it’s a great way to celebrate our place in this community, to celebrate that we’ve been here a long time.

“In the process, Pare said he is also thinking about the old lobby.”

I am going to be working with the architects to bring that into a more modern design,” he explained.”

The old lobby was an iconic building in terms of how this building looks now.””

We’re going to have a new lobby for the new facility.

And I think it’ll be a really beautiful and elegant building that we’ll be proud to have here.

“He also mentioned a number of other new projects that he expects to be completed by the new year.

The university will also be looking at the location of its new gym, and also the location and layout of the dining hall.”

A lot of the work that’s been done in the dining area has been done there already,” he continued.”

There are lots of other changes that are going to come, but I’m really excited about the changes that we can make to this building and the improvements that we need to make.